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Playback Options

When listening to the auralizations you will have the option of varying the following parameters:
  • Your listening position
  • The position of the on-stage sound source
  • The musical program selection
  • The material of the ceiling canopy fabric
  • The audio format delivered to your computer (.wav or .mp3)
You can vary these options in any combination: a virtual tour of the concert hall.  You may also listen to the original anechoic sound recording by pressing the appropriate play button.

Note that the binaural head direction for all listener positions is oriented directly towards the stage (perpendicular to the stage lip).  Also, the auralizations are relative-level calibrated: this infers that far-away sources may be low in level.  The anechoic sound samples are relative to a 1m source distance.

System Requirements

You must have the following in order to listen to the eMPAC auralizations:
  • Set of high-quality headphones
  • Broadband internet connection
  • JavaScript-compatible browser
  • WAV or MP3 player software
The auralizations are provided in both uncompressed .wav and 128kbps .mp3 formats in 44.1kHz stereo; it is suggested that you listen to the uncompressed .wav versions for maximum fidelity.  You should disable any onboard equalization or sound enhancement features of your sound card.  The auralizations should be played through high-quality headphones in order to experience an accurate binaural presentation.

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This material is based upon work supported by eMPAC at Rensselaer.
© 2004, Paul Henderson